Department of Energy

Department of Energy Spending in Billions of Constant 2015 Dollars

The Department of Energy oversees nuclear weapons sites and subsidizes conventional and alternative fuels. The department has a history of fiscal and environmental mismanagement. Furthermore, misguided energy regulations have caused large losses to consumers and the broader economy over the decades.

The department will spend $30 billion in 2015, or $243 for every U.S. household. It employs 16,000 workers directly and oversees about 100,000 contract workers at research facilities across the nation.

Downsize This!
  • Energy Subsidies. The department has spent billions of dollars over the decades on dead-end schemes and dubious projects that have often had large cost overruns.
  • A Brief History of Energy Regulations. Most federal intrusions into energy markets have been serious mistakes. They have destabilized markets, reduced domestic output, and decreased consumer welfare.
  • Energy Intervention Today. The current arguments for energy intervention and energy subsidies fall short.

"All Americans are involved in making energy policy. When individual choices are made with a maximum of personal understanding and a minimum of government restraints, the result is the most appropriate energy policy."

Reagan administration energy plan, 1981