Chris Edwards

Is Tax‐​Driven Interstate Migration Increasing?

The health crisis and office shutdowns in New York, San Francisco, and other cities have prompted companies to liberalize their policies on remote working.

Decentralize Power to Unite the Nation

The problem with democracy is that after the election, half the country is going to feel as unhappy as this tortured fellow.

V‐​Shaped Recovery

The Bureau of Economic Analysis released estimates of third quarter gross domestic product (GDP).

Biden’s Radical Capital Gains Tax Increase

Joe Biden is planning large tax increases if elected president.

Infrastructure, Federalism, and Economists

I’ve noticed many economists from Wall Street and elsewhere on cable news shows and other media claiming that more federal infrastructure spending would lift the economy.

Income Taxes on the Ballot

This election, Americans will not only be choosing politicians for office but also whether to increase or decrease taxes in many places.

Federal Tax Changes Since 1979

The Congressional Budget Office released a report today on changes in income, benefit payments, and federal taxes by income group since 1979.

Federal Spending and Deficits

Spending and deficits used to be a battleground in federal elections as each party suggested reforms and blamed the other for fiscal irresponsibility.

Federal Spending Hits $6.6 Trillion

The Congressional Budget Office has released new estimates. Federal government spending jumped from $4.5 trillion in fiscal 2019 to $6.6 trillion in fiscal 2020, as shown in the chart below. That huge increase was financed by borrowing, the costs of which will land on taxpayers down the road.

Federal Reserve Aid to State and Local Governments

I testified today to the Congressional Oversight Commission regarding federal and Federal Reserve aid to state and local governments.


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