Chris Edwards

Federal R&D Funding

The federal government spent $147 billion on research and development in 2016, including $77 billion on defense and $70 billion on nondefense.

Devolving Federal Lands

The federal government owns 28 percent of the land in the United States, including about half of the land in the 11 westernmost states.

Navy Corruption Scandal

The Washington Post has published another report on the Glenn Defense Navy scandal.

Cutting Energy Subsidies

The incoming Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry, has talked in the past about abolishing the department that he will be running.

Corporate Welfare and Corruption

President-elect Donald Trump says that he will cut wasteful spending and “drain the swamp” in Washington.

Pentagon Bureaucratic Waste: $125 Billion

The Washington Post has a blockbuster story today documenting vast overhead costs in the Department of Defense (DoD).

Heritage Foundation Infrastructure Proposals

In a new report for the Heritage Foundation, Michael Sargent summarizes what we need on infrastructure from the incoming Trump administration.

Trump’s $10 Trillion Infrastructure Plan

President-elect Donald Trump has promised large increases in infrastructure investment.

Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act

Cato’s forum on Capitol Hill yesterday featured Senator James Lankford of Oklahoma. The senator mainly talked about his Federal Fumbles report, but he also mentioned his proposed “Taxpayers Right-to-Know Act.”

Fumbling Federal Finances

The federal government has suffered from waste, fraud, and abuse in its spending programs for decades—actually, centuries.


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