Chris Edwards

Privatization in Trump’s Budget

President Trump’s new budget for 2019 proposes privatizing federal assets such as airports, air traffic control, and electricity facilities.

Trump Budget Outlook

The Trump administration has released its federal budget for 2019.

Trump Infrastructure Plan

The Trump administration has rolled out its 2019 federal budget, which includes a plan to boost investment in the nation’s infrastructure.

Government Scope Supercharges Size

In a remarkable surrender to Big Government, Senator Ted Cruz voted for the budget deal last week that hiked spending $300 billion.

What Do Reagan, Obama, and Trump Have in Common?

Before President Trump and Republicans cut taxes in December, the federal budget deficit was projected to be $689 billion in 2019 and rising to $1 trillion by 2022.

Federal Bureaucracy Resists Reform

The Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) has been scandal-plagued for years.

Budget Deal: Bipartisanship Wins, Taxpayers Lose

Leaders of the two parties in Congress have agreed to a budget deal that raises discretionary spending a huge $300 billion over two years.

Wasteful Pentagon Spending

Just as Congress is preparing to hike defense spending, a new report suggests the inefficiency that has plagued the Pentagon for decades continues unabated.

Trump to Propose Energy Cuts

As we near the release of President Trump’s new budget, some of his proposals are leaking to the press.

Government Mismanagement: Incentives or Culture?

As a general matter, governments are poorly managed compared to businesses in competitive markets.


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