Chris Edwards

Trump to Spend $5.4 Trillion in 2021

President Trump’s new budget projects that federal spending will rise to $4.83 trillion in fiscal year 2021. When Trump came into office in 2017, spending was $3.98 trillion. In just four years under this president, spending will be up $850 billion, or 21 percent.

President Trump’s 2021 Budget

The Trump administration has released its budget for fiscal year 2021. In the face of huge deficits, the budget proposes numerous reforms to discretionary and entitlement spending and foresees the budget eventually balancing by 2035.

Cato’s Letters: 300 Years

I grabbed a book off my shelf the other day that I had not read in years. The English Libertarian Heritage is a sampling of essays written three centuries ago by John Trenchard and Thomas Gordon.

New York Shortchanged but NY Politicians No Help

I reported that state and local governments in New York spend twice as much as governments in Florida. New York also has a larger bureaucracy.

New York vs. Florida on Bureaucracy

New York and Florida have similar populations of 20 million and 21 million, respectively. But state and local governments in New York spent twice as much.

Neil Peart: An Appreciation

Neil Peart, drummer for Canadian rock band Rush, passed away last week after a three-year battle with brain cancer.

New York’s Government Is Twice the Size of Florida’s

New Census data show that Americans are continuing to move from high-tax to low-tax states. One of the largest migration flows is from New York to Florida.

Tax Migration New York to Florida

Yesterday, I looked at migration from high-tax to low-tax states. Today, the Wall Street Journal focuses on wealthy tax exiles from the Northeast in Florida.

Migration to Low‐​Tax States Continues

The Census Bureau has released estimates of state population changes between July 2018 and July 2019.

Crescent Dunes: Another Green Flop

The Department of Energy called the vast and expensive solar project a “success story” and “milestone for the country’s energy future.”


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