Chris Edwards

New York Times on Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included capital gains tax cuts on investments in chosen areas called “opportunity zones.”

Tax-Hike Decade Looms

The Democratic presidential contest is revving up the tax policy debate.

Private Pay Growth Tops Federal in 2018

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released data on worker pay for calendar 2018.

Baltimore: Is it Taxes?

Baltimore is in the news for its poor economic situation and lack of opportunity for many of its residents. The problem may be that taxes are too high.

Bipartisan Budget Buster

Congressional leaders and President Trump have agreed to another budget-busting spending deal.

How Large Is American Government?

America’s strong economic growth and high living standards were built on our relatively smaller government.

Governments Make Flooding Worse

Government policies encourage Americans to live in risky places on seacoasts and along flood-prone rivers.

Apollo 11: A Rare Federal Success

NASA’s Apollo 11 blasted off 50 years ago today sending astronauts to land on the moon and return safely to earth.

Washington Post: Illogic on Gas Taxes

A recent Washington Post editorial addressed highway funding and gas taxes.

Marching to a Federal Debt Crisis

My new op-ed at The Hill discusses the disastrous rise in federal government debt as profligacy dominates both parties in Washington.


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