Chris Edwards

Government Database Danger

Government databases full of sensitive personal information pose a growing threat.

Federal Transit Aid Harms Cities

The federal government spends $13 billion a year on subsidies for local rail and bus transit systems. This spending should be zeroed out in the next federal transportation bill.

Government Ownership Sucks

The Wall Street Journal today profiles South Africa’s electric power company, Eskom. What a mess.

Markets and Emissions

In reviewing the Green New Deal, the Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip says, “Because the private market has no incentive to reduce carbon emissions, government intervention is necessary.”

Private Airport Security Screening

The federal government nationalized security screening at the nation’s more than 400 commercial airports in 2001 when it created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Taxes on Tippy Tippy Top

U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren told CNBC the other day: “I want these billionaires to stop being freeloaders … I want them to pick up their fair share.”

Corporate CEOs—Some of America’s Hardest Workers

It has become fashionable for Washington politicians to bash corporate executives—their decisions, their motivations, and their personal earnings.

Green New Deal Would Crush Liberal Values

A contradiction in left-wing politics for decades has been the professed support of community, diversity, localism, and democracy on the one hand with the advocacy of federal power to address society’s ills on the other.

What About the Debt Crisis?

In his State of the Union address, President Trump proposed new spending on infrastructure, health research, border security, and paid family leave.

A Rising Tide Is Lifting All Boats

President Trump delivers his State of the Union address tonight and will surely claim credit for the strong economy.


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