Michael Cannon

Medicare and Medicaid Fraud

President Trump’s slew of last-minute pardons and commutations included several men whom federal courts found guilty of defrauding Medicare or Medicaid.

Wasteful Medicare Spending

The Medicare program is a bonanza of centralized economic planning, special-interest lobbying, pricing errors, perverse incentives, low-quality care, improper payments, and fraud.

Stopping Risk-Adjustment Payments and Cutting Navigator Grants Make ObamaCare Harms More Transparent

The Trump administration has announced it is suspending so-called “risk adjustment” payments to insurers who participate in ObamaCare’s Exchanges, and cutting spending on so-called “navigators,” who help (few) people enroll in ObamaCare plans. 

The VA’s Biggest Problem Isn’t Who’s in Charge—It’s Centralized Government Control

The ongoing controversy over the leadership of the Department of Veterans Affairs has kept anyone from asking the right questions or proposing the right reforms.

House GOP Health Bill and Medicaid Expansion

The new Republican health bill falls short on repealing Medicaid expansion.

Overprescribing Government

We would have less antibiotic overuse and resistance if government just let people keep their own money to spend on health care.

The Shocking Secret Behind Obamacare Enrollment Numbers

Barack Obama wants you to know he enrolled 7.5 million Americans through Obamacare’s health insurance Exchanges. What he doesn’t want you to know is how.

Obamacare Subsidies

Over at DarwinsFool.com, Michael Cannon summarizes a lengthy report issued by two congressional committees on how the Treasury Department, the Internal Revenue Service, and the Department of Health and Human Services conspired to create a new entitlement program that is authorized nowhere in federal law.

Four Ways to Actually Defund the Affordable Care Act

In the end, the defund strategy may prove to be a disaster. Or helpful. What’s clear is that the recriminations are unwisely distracting ObamaCare opponents from adding momentum to strategies that are already defunding the law. Here are four things opponents would be better off doing than fighting among themselves:

‘Stupid’ ObamaCare Provision Offends America’s Highest Caste: Congress

ObamaCare’s gravest sin may be that it has offended America’s highest caste: members of Congress and their staffs. Thanks to an amendment by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the law provides:


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