Randal O'Toole

Another Bad Idea: Transit Parity

At least 33 members of Congress have signed onto a resolution calling for transit parity, by which they mean that the federal government should spend as much money on transit as it spends on highways.

Joe Biden’s Tired Old Infrastructure Plan

The infrastructure plan recently released by the Biden campaign is a collection of tired ideas that have consistently failed in the past.

The Low‐​Income Housing Tax Credits Scam

Since 1986, low‐income housing tax credits (LIHTCs) are the main way in which the federal government tries to increase the amount of affordable housing for low‐income families.

The Smokey View from the Northwest

There are no clouds in the central Oregon sky today, but we are nonetheless living in dim times.

Inequities in Public Transit

The transit industry has developed two systems: one for “choice” riders and one for “dependent” riders, “that is to say white and Black,” says urban planner Christof Spieler.

Public Transit Is Second‐​Class Transportation

Urban transit is one of the most heavily subsidized industries in this country.

Amtrak’s Big Lie

Recent articles in respected business journals report that Amtrak lost only $29.8 million in 2019 (out of $3.3 billion in total revenues) and that it expects to make a profit in 2020.

Is Amtrak Guilty of Securities Fraud?

A press release issued by Amtrak last week would, if it were published by publicly traded firm, be a violation of securities laws and regulations

Amtrak Accounting Tricks Cover Up Losses

Amtrak recently announced that it will begin operating nonstop service between New York and Washington in 2 hours and 35 minutes in September.

Transit Riders Drop 2.9% in June

The nation’s heavily subsidized transit industry continued its descent into oblivion with a 2.9 percent decline in ridership in June 2019, compared with June 2018, according to the Federal Transit Administration’s most recent data.


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