Ryan Bourne

Minimum Wage Laws Will Weaken Recovery

COVID-19 is wreaking havoc on American jobs. State shutdowns and social distancing have resulted in 26 million people being laid off and furloughed.

$2 trillion: The Infrastructure Answer To What Question?

Media reports suggest President Trump and Democrat leaders have agreed in principle to a $2 trillion infrastructure plan “to upgrade the nation’s highways, railroads, bridges and broadband.”

Bernie Sanders' Jobs Idea

Democrats are plugging new energy into an old idea: a federal “Jobs Guarantee” program.

U.S. Only Country With Rising Debt Ratio

Where government debt is concerned, advanced economies should be fixing the roof while the sun shines.

Budget Restraints That Work

The experiences of Chile, Switzerland, and the United Kingdom with explicit fiscal rules offer lessons on how the United States can contain the growth in federal government debt.

Shake Shack Planning for Higher Minimum Wages

CNBC reports that the burger chain Shake Shack is planning to trial a new restaurant in New York which will not have a traditional cashier’s counter.

Minimum Wage Damage in Seattle

Last week, Thomas Firey blogged here on how proponents of higher minimum wages tend to be selective when reviewing the academic literature.

How Much Infrastructure Investment?

Goldman Sachs CEO Lloyd Blankfein tweeted Tuesday: “Arrived in China, as always impressed by condition of airport, roads, cell service, etc. US needs to invest in infrastructure to keep up.”

Does Infrastructure Spending Boost the Economy?

President Donald J. Trump has promised to induce $1 trillion of new public and private investment in infrastructure over the next decade.

Trumps Budget on Infrastructure

Conservative and libertarian fears about Donald Trump’s infrastructure rhetoric will be somewhat allayed by today’s budget.


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