Tax Reform, the IRS, Cybersecurity, and Privacy

The current tax reform debate has focused on economic growth and the value of cuts to different groups of taxpayers.

Tax Refund Fraud

A report from the Internal Revenue Service’s inspector general “estimates the IRS could issue $21 billion in potentially fraudulent tax refunds resulting from identity theft over the next five years.” The inspector general told CNBC that the fraud is a “growing problem” and that the numbers are growing “exponentially”:

Obama’s Budget, Taxes, and Doctors

President Obama is releasing his FY2013 budget today, and it’s more of the same—trillion-dollar deficits, huge spending, and tax hikes on high-earners. The president wants to raise taxes substantially on households earning more than $250,000. It’s all about fairness he claims, even though effective tax rates on high-earners are already double the rates on middle-earners.

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