The Liberty Bus Tour

May 6, 2010

A new organization called Liberty in America has launched a nationwide “Liberty Bus” tour. The goal is to educate Americans across the country on the need to reduce the federal government’s role in our lives. Downsizing the Federal Government materials will be among the educational resources the Liberty Bus will be making available to concerned citizens.


The following map shows the Liberty Bus’s schedule:
The Liberty in America team will spend a week within each circled area, which is about 300 miles in diameter, and conduct programs in communities within that area. Interested community leaders, civic organizations, college campus clubs, Chambers of Commerce and private citizens interested in hosting a program can complete the request form here. Programs for the month of May are currently being scheduled in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC.
For those unable to physically meet up with the Liberty Bus, material from the tour can be requested here.


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