Survey Shows Two-Thirds of Federal Managers in Denial

September 24, 2008 reports that one-third of recently surveyed federal managers believe “government misuses taxpayer dollars.”  While I applaud this bunch for their honesty, I’m stupefied that any federal manager would say otherwise.  One need only peruse the morning news to see that Uncle Sam’s spawn fritter away taxpayer dollars incessantly.  (I wonder how a manager at the U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service would vote.)  Even more disturbing, a survey of the general public conducted by the same outfit found that only 42% of respondents believe government wastes money.  (I’m holding out hope this survey was conducted in the Maryland suburbs of Washington, D.C.)

Downsizing the Federal GovernmentThe two major candidates apparently think the federal government wastes money.  Sen. Obama says he will fire poor managers and create a “SWAT team” to “eliminate wasteful redundancy” in government.  Sen. McCain says he would freeze discretionary spending and perform a “top-to-bottom reviews of all federal programs to weed out failing ones.”  Both men can save time and taxpayer dollars by simply reading and implementing the recommendations contained in this book.


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