Small Government is Beautiful

August 6, 2012

Joelle Cannon is one of Capitol Hill’s top budget experts, and she looks great in her new Downsizing Government T-shirt. She’s good at cutting costs and knows a bargain when she sees it. The new shirts are just $18 from the Cato store and emblazoned with the inspiring slogan “Small is beautiful … when it comes to government.”

Joelle works full-time battling the bloated federal budget for Senator Tom Coburn. You can help her fight overspending by ordering a T-shirt and spreading the downsizing message to your friends and family.

And there is more from the Cato store. You can impress your office mates with a handsome Downsizing Government coffee mug. The mug will help banish the usual banal banter at the coffee machine, and hopefully spark conversation on the proper role of government in society.

The mugs are a robust 16 oz and can be yours for just $7.50. Just think—every time you reached for your caffeine fix, you’d be declaring your independence from the philosophy of big government!


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