infrastructure spending

Wasteful Local Infrastructure

Politicians love infrastructure, but many local government projects seem awfully wasteful.

Infrastructure Lovefest Bad for Taxpayers

The initial details of the $2 trillion infrastructure agreement between President Trump and Democratic congressional leaders seem to spell bad news for taxpayers.

$2 trillion: The Infrastructure Answer To What Question?

Media reports suggest President Trump and Democrat leaders have agreed in principle to a $2 trillion infrastructure plan “to upgrade the nation’s highways, railroads, bridges and broadband.”

Why Trump’s Plan Won’t Fix Crumbling Infrastructure

For the past decade or so, Americans have been inundated with propaganda about our crumbling infrastructure. According to this narrative, our roads and bridges are falling apart and the only solution is more federal spending.

Trump Plan Probably Won’t Repair Crumbling Infrastructure

The White House released President Trump’s infrastructure plan today, which calls for spending $200 billion federal dollars as seed money to stimulate a total of $1.5 trillion on “gleaming new infrastructure.”

Chamber of Commerce Misguided on Gas Tax

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is urging policymakers to pass an infrastructure package.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan

A six-page summary of the Trump infrastructure plan seems to have leaked out yesterday.

Federal Gas Tax Increase Misguided

The Trump administration will release its long-waited infrastructure plan in coming weeks. The plan is expected to include $200 billion over 10 years of federal funding
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