Chris Edwards

Cut Corporate Taxes and Corporate Welfare

President Donald Trump is prioritizing major tax reforms, including a large corporate tax rate cut.

AEI Forum on American Indians

At an AEI forum this week, Naomi Schaefer Riley discussed her insightful new book on Indian policies, The New Trail of Tears.

Politicians: Hopelessly Naïve about Government

There are numerous causes of federal government expansion, including special-interest pressures and the ability to borrow-and-spend endlessly.

Privatize to Drain the Swamp

The new mayor of São Paulo is showing the way if President Trump wants to follow through on his “drain the swamp” pledge.

Trump and Infrastructure

The Heritage Foundation hosted a panel of experts to discuss prospects for infrastructure policy during the Trump administration.

Rick Perry Capitulates on Energy Cuts

The purpose of Senate confirmation hearings should be to ensure that nominees are qualified and will faithfully serve the public.

Privatize Washington’s Metro System

Some members of Congress are considering restructuring DC Metro’s management and oversight.

Education for American Indians

Among the many failures of federal policies over the decades, the failures of Indian policies stand out. The government has deprived American Indians of their lands, resources, and freedom in many ways. It has failed to create an institutional structure supportive of prosperity on reservations. And the Bureau of Indian Affairs has been mismanaged for two centuries, as I discuss here.

Removing Barriers to Infrastructure Investment

As Obama administration officials head for the door at the Department of the Treasury, they have released a new study on infrastructure.

Federal R&D Funding

The federal government spent $147 billion on research and development in 2016, including $77 billion on defense and $70 billion on nondefense.


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