Chris Edwards

Welfare Cowboy

The National Endowment for the Arts has given hundreds of thousands of dollars in subsidies to the National Cowboy Poetry Gathering over the years.

Deregulation and Profits

Deregulation and profits are unpopular ideas in some quarters these days.

Government Octopus Threatens Economy

As the government shutdown drags on, it is starting to damage activities across the economy because federal tentacles are in everything.

Privatize to Mitigate Shutdown Damage

Political battles would not impact important activities if they were separated from the federal government.

Which States Provide High Quality Schools at Low Cost?

If you pay state and local taxes or have kids in public schools, you will want to check out this recent Cato study on education spending and education results.

Free Markets to Combat Climate Change

One of the concerns about climate change is that it may generate more natural disasters such as hurricanes and forest fires.

Apollo 8: The Government Got One Thing Right

Fifty years ago today, NASA’s Apollo 8 mission sent three astronauts to orbit the moon and return safely to earth.

CBO Findings on Farm Subsidies

As the $867 billion farm bill goes to the president for his signature, the Congressional Budget Office reminds us why farm subsidies don’t make much sense.

Savings Accounts for Family Leave

Both conservatives and liberals have proposed a federal entitlement program to provide paid family leave benefits.

Farm Bill Socialism in Senate

Many Republicans betrayed their conservative values by voting in favor of the $867 billion farm bill.


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