Chris Edwards

Apollo 8: The Government Got One Thing Right

Fifty years ago today, NASA’s Apollo 8 mission sent three astronauts to orbit the moon and return safely to earth.

CBO Findings on Farm Subsidies

As the $867 billion farm bill goes to the president for his signature, the Congressional Budget Office reminds us why farm subsidies don’t make much sense.

Savings Accounts for Family Leave

Both conservatives and liberals have proposed a federal entitlement program to provide paid family leave benefits.

Farm Bill Socialism in Senate

Many Republicans betrayed their conservative values by voting in favor of the $867 billion farm bill.

Farm Bill: 800 Pages from an 800-Pound Lobby

Congress is set to pass an $867 billion farm/food stamp bill with virtually no smaller-government reforms, and the president will probably sign it.

Being Green by Ending Subsidies

Government subsidies cause much avoidable damage.

Farm Bill Fiasco

Congress is set to pass an appalling farm bill that increases subsidies rather than reforms them.

Walworth County Goes Debt-Free

Government borrowing enriches financial firms, encourages corruption, and magnifies the ultimate tax burden that citizens will bear for the related spending.

Why Federal Debt Is Damaging

The U.S. Treasury reports that the federal budget deficit was $779 billion in fiscal 2018.

Ethanol Politics Trump Common Sense

President Trump recently announced a plan that would further the harms created by the “renewable fuel standard.”


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