Chris Edwards

Economic Forecasts Are Fiction

If governments cannot predict our economic future, they will be hard-pressed to successfully manipulate it.

Subsidizing Passenger Rail Makes Little Sense

A Wall Street Journal article on an upgrade to a Midwest rail line illustrates the shortcomings of pumping tax dollars into passenger rail.

Governor Inslee Announces for President

Washington Governor Jay Inslee is throwing his hat in the ring for President of the United States. The central focus of his campaign for 2020 will likely be climate change.

Will Congress Let Amtrak Stem Losses?

The federal government does a lot of things poorly, including trying to run businesses such as an electric utility, a postal system, and a railroad.

Economic Development Corruption

A government official stole $6.7 million from Montgomery County, Maryland, over a six-year period.

Government Database Danger

Government databases full of sensitive personal information pose a growing threat.

Federal Transit Aid Harms Cities

The federal government spends $13 billion a year on subsidies for local rail and bus transit systems. This spending should be zeroed out in the next federal transportation bill.

Government Ownership Sucks

The Wall Street Journal today profiles South Africa’s electric power company, Eskom. What a mess.

Markets and Emissions

In reviewing the Green New Deal, the Wall Street Journal’s Greg Ip says, “Because the private market has no incentive to reduce carbon emissions, government intervention is necessary.”

Private Airport Security Screening

The federal government nationalized security screening at the nation’s more than 400 commercial airports in 2001 when it created the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).


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