Chris Edwards

Corporate CEOs—Some of America’s Hardest Workers

It has become fashionable for Washington politicians to bash corporate executives—their decisions, their motivations, and their personal earnings.

Green New Deal Would Crush Liberal Values

A contradiction in left-wing politics for decades has been the professed support of community, diversity, localism, and democracy on the one hand with the advocacy of federal power to address society’s ills on the other.

What About the Debt Crisis?

In his State of the Union address, President Trump proposed new spending on infrastructure, health research, border security, and paid family leave.

A Rising Tide Is Lifting All Boats

President Trump delivers his State of the Union address tonight and will surely claim credit for the strong economy.

Will Tax Competition Restrain Bloated State Budgets?

More high earners appear to be leaving New York than expected in response to the 2017 federal tax reform.

Good News on Disability Programs

There is good news for taxpayers regarding federal disability programs. The strong economy and administrative reforms have begun reducing caseloads for the Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) and Supplemental Security Income (SSI) programs.

Ballooning Debt Harms Our Youth

On the campaign trail in 2016, Donald Trump railed against the federal government’s almost $20 trillion of debt, and he boldly promised to eliminate it “over a period of eight years.”

Howard Schultz, the Fiscal Barista

Former Starbucks head Howard Schultz announced that he may run for president as a fiscally responsible independent.

Beer vs. Bureaucracy

The federal shutdown revealed some of the ways that the government needlessly shackles the economy through subsidies and regulations.

Federal Subsidies Infiltrate Everything

Can’t anyone do anything in this country without federal subsidies?


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