Chris Edwards

Macroeconomic Forecasting Seems Pretty Hopeless

The economy is too complex and uncertain for even the best economists to predict, so politicians stand no chance.

NASA Spending

President Trump is tweeting about NASA today. He is worried about “all of the money we are spending” on the agency.

Postal Service in Crisis

Mail volumes are falling and the U.S. Postal Service is losing billions of dollars a year while accumulating large liabilities.

Freedom Caucus and Spending Cuts

If anyone in Congress is focused on the deficit problem and pushing spending cuts it should be the Freedom Caucus.

Federal Subsidies Spur Massive Fraud

One of the problems with federal hand-out programs is that individuals take advantage of them and scam artists outright loot them.

American Indians: Washington Post Misses the Real Story

The Washington Post magazine has a lengthy piece on American Indian policy, focusing on the challenges faced by people living on reservations.

New Study on Fiscal Federalism

The federal government spends $750 billion a year on 1,386 different subsidy programs for state and local governments. The number of aid programs has tripled since the 1980s.

Federal Disaster Spending Boosted by Politics/Population

Despite rising federal deficits, Congress is set to pass another budget-busting spending bill. This time it is a $19 billion package of disaster-related subsidies.

Does Bureaucracy Count as Economic Development?

The Economic Development Administration (EDA) is a small agency within the Department of Commerce. Its purpose is to give money to governments and businesses to fund local activities, such as $2 million to “repurpose the West Frankfort Mall” in Illinois and $150,000 for the Brick River Cider company in St. Louis to make “authentic hard cider.”

Highways: Devolution Revolution Needed

Former Ohio Governor John Kasich paves the way for sound thinking on highways in his new Wall Street Journal op-ed.


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