Chris Edwards

Soak‐​the‐​Rich Taxes Would Morph into Middle‐​Class Flood

In the New York Times, David Leonhardt cheerleads for a new plan by left-wing economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman to raise taxes on the rich by $750 billion a year.

Virginia Is for Corruption

A recent corruption story in rural Virginia is rather stunning. The state is usually thought to have relatively clean government, but a Washington Post investigation by Antonio Olivo reveals something far different.

Capital Gains Taxes: Already Too High

Democrats are proposing to raise capital gains taxes.

Presidential Spending Update

Federal spending is rising and the government’s debt is growing by a trillion dollars a year.

Minding Money by Migrating

Americans are moving from higher-tax states to lower-tax states.

Federal Spending Tops $5 Trillion

The Congressional Budget Office and the Office of Management and Budget both project that federal government spending will be about $4.6 trillion in fiscal year 2020.

How the Government Creates Wealth Inequality

There are economic storm clouds on the horizon, but for now wages are rising, jobs are plentiful, and poverty is falling.

New York Times on Opportunity Zones

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017 included capital gains tax cuts on investments in chosen areas called “opportunity zones.”

Tax-Hike Decade Looms

The Democratic presidential contest is revving up the tax policy debate.

Private Pay Growth Tops Federal in 2018

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has released data on worker pay for calendar 2018.


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