Chris Edwards

Streetcar Named Quagmire

In a recent study, I explored how federal subsidies induce state and local governments to spend on wasteful projects. Case in point: a new “streetcar named quagmire” in St. Louis.

Government Assets Fall Apart

A recent New York Times article described the wretched management of New York City’s public housing.

U.S. Poverty Has Plunged

The government says that America’s poverty rate is 11.8 percent. It also says that the poverty rate has hovered around 11 to 15 percent since 1970 suggesting little or no progress against poverty in decades.

Welfare State Causes Wealth Inequality — Euro Experience

Democrats running for president are condemning wealth inequality while calling for an increase in social spending.

Aldi’s Owners Gained Riches by Cutting Prices

Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders continued to bash wealth in the Democratic presidential debate Tuesday night.

Higher Incomes, Higher Tax Rates

An article in the New York Times the other day was titled “The Rich Really Do Pay Lower Taxes Than You,” and one in Bloomberg was subtitled “The Wealthiest 400 Americans Have the Lowest Rates.” It is not true.

Soak‐​the‐​Rich Taxes Would Morph into Middle‐​Class Flood

In the New York Times, David Leonhardt cheerleads for a new plan by left-wing economists Emmanuel Saez and Gabriel Zucman to raise taxes on the rich by $750 billion a year.

Virginia Is for Corruption

A recent corruption story in rural Virginia is rather stunning. The state is usually thought to have relatively clean government, but a Washington Post investigation by Antonio Olivo reveals something far different.

Capital Gains Taxes: Already Too High

Democrats are proposing to raise capital gains taxes.

Presidential Spending Update

Federal spending is rising and the government’s debt is growing by a trillion dollars a year.


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