Chris Edwards

Chamber of Commerce Misguided on Gas Tax

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce is urging policymakers to pass an infrastructure package.

Who Should Pay for Infrastructure?

A new study by Canadian scholars says that the users of infrastructure should pay for it generally, not taxpayers.

Ethanol Exploitation

The federal government imposes a mandate to blend corn ethanol and other biofuels into the nation’s gasoline. This “renewable fuel standard” or RFS raises prices at the gas pump.

Infrastructure and Regulation

The other day, the Wall Street Journal looked at the Trump administration’s efforts to reduce the costs of building infrastructure

WAPA: The Federal Scandal You’ve Never Heard Of

It is hard to keep track of all the waste, corruption, and mismanagement propagated by government agencies in recent years, including the DOD, PTO, VA, and others.

New Study on Electricity Infrastructure

Private-sector utilities provide the bulk of electricity generation, transmission, and distribution in the United States. But the federal government also owns a share of the nation’s electricity infrastructure.

Trump's Infrastructure Plan

A six-page summary of the Trump infrastructure plan seems to have leaked out yesterday.

Government Shutdown Solution: Auto CR

Part of the federal government is closed today because the two parties cannot agree on a discretionary spending plan for the balance of fiscal 2018.

Earmark Supporters Should Run for Local Office

If you are interested in national issues such as defense, foreign policy, and trade, and want to hold public office, you should run for Congress. If you are interested in roads, beaches, subways, and policing, you should run for city council or the state legislature.

Privatizing Federal Grazing Lands

The federal government owns 640 million acres of land—mainly in the West—which is 28 percent of land in the United States.


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