Chris Edwards

Tax Reform Goals

The Trump administration and congressional Republicans are refining their tax reform plan and ramping up their marketing efforts. It is a good plan so far, but comments by some GOP leaders suggest that reforms may veer off-course as more details emerge.

To keep policymakers focused on true reform, the table below summarizes five tax reform goals and the policy changes needed to achieve each.

Federal Pay Tops Most Industries

Federal worker compensation is rising faster than compensation in the private sector.

Federal Pay Outpaces Private Pay In 2016

The Bureau of Economic Analysis (BEA) has released data on worker compensation for 2016.

Trump Administration Efforts to Reform and Cut the Government

Recent Senate testimony on the Trump administration’s plans to reform federal spending.

FEMA Spending

Congress is set to approve a multi-billion dollar aid package for Hurricanes Harvey and Irma.

Natural Disasters before Big Government

During the Hurricane Harvey disaster, many reporters and commentators seemed to assume that federal agencies had to take the lead in rescuing the city

The Proper Federal Role in Natural Disasters

Federalism is supposed to undergird America’s system of disaster preparation, response, and rebuilding.

Which are the Largest Federal Agencies?

The federal government spends more than $4 trillion a year on programs in hundreds of agencies. Which are the largest agencies, and how fast are they growing?

New Study on Federal Highway Policies

The federal government plays a large role in the nation’s highways through the funding of aid programs for the states and the imposing of top-down regulations

USPS: A Giant Distortion Machine

The U.S. Postal Service (USPS) is a major business enterprise operated by the federal government.


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