Chris Edwards

Coronavirus and Politicians vs. the Economy

The American economy is closing down rapidly from both voluntary and mandatory business closings.

Coronavirus: Testing and Safe Production vs. Expensive Stimulus

Covid‐19 is pushing the U.S. economy into recession as businesses cut back and close down.

Boost Supply, Not Demand, During the Pandemic

COVID-19 is battering the U.S. economy, causing many businesses to cut back and close down.

Government Failure in Coronavirus Testing

Dr. Anthony Fauci called federal coronavirus testing “a failing” and the Wall Street Journal followed up with details on CDC and FDA blunders.

Slashing Regulations to Combat Coronavirus

Rather than stimulate demand, governments should repeal regulations that aren’t in place for legitimate safety reasons.

Coronavirus and NIH/CDC Funding

The rapid spread of coronavirus (Covid‐19) is focusing attention on the health agencies that are helping to fight the pandemic.

Wasteful Local Infrastructure

Politicians love infrastructure, but many local government projects seem awfully wasteful.

Trump Spending Soars in First 4 Years

President Trump came into office promising spending cuts and debt reduction, but so far he has delivered the opposite.

Trump to Spend $5.4 Trillion in 2021

President Trump’s new budget projects that federal spending will rise to $4.83 trillion in fiscal year 2021. When Trump came into office in 2017, spending was $3.98 trillion. In just four years under this president, spending will be up $850 billion, or 21 percent.

President Trump’s 2021 Budget

The Trump administration has released its budget for fiscal year 2021. In the face of huge deficits, the budget proposes numerous reforms to discretionary and entitlement spending and foresees the budget eventually balancing by 2035.


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