Chris Edwards

How Large Is American Government?

America’s strong economic growth and high living standards were built on our relatively smaller government.

Governments Make Flooding Worse

Government policies encourage Americans to live in risky places on seacoasts and along flood-prone rivers.

Apollo 11: A Rare Federal Success

NASA’s Apollo 11 blasted off 50 years ago today sending astronauts to land on the moon and return safely to earth.

Washington Post: Illogic on Gas Taxes

A recent Washington Post editorial addressed highway funding and gas taxes.

Marching to a Federal Debt Crisis

My new op-ed at The Hill discusses the disastrous rise in federal government debt as profligacy dominates both parties in Washington.

Boston’s Rail System: Another Government Failure

The federal government spends $14 billion a year on subsidies for local rail and bus transit.

Reforming Passenger Rail

The United States is more socialistic than other advanced economies in numerous ways. Federal and state governments attempt to run businesses that have been privatized in other countries, such as electric utilities, airports, air traffic control, postal services, and passenger rail.

Republicans Turn Progressive

Rather than supporting land privatization, Republicans today are embracing the opposite.

State and Local Tax Differences

Americans are moving from higher-tax states to lower-tax states.

Federal Job Training: Boondoggle Since the 1930s

Many studies over the years have found that federal job training programs create few discernable benefits to the economy.


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