Chris Edwards

Government Crowd Out in Transportation

The existence of government infrastructure deters or “crowds out” private investment.

Thank Goodness for Thomas Jefferson and 1800

Not long after the limited-government U.S. Constitution was ratified and the new government resumed operation, numerous political leaders began pushing to expand federal power.

Are the Carolinas Ready for Hurricane Florence?

As Hurricane Florence spins toward the Carolina coast, the nation’s attention will be on the disaster readiness and response of governments and the affected communities.

Regulatory Power Leads to Corruption

A Maryland story in the Washington Post last week presents a classic case of local political corruption.

Poole’s New Book on Highways

The Reason Foundation’s Bob Poole has published a new book, Rethinking America’s Highways: A 21st Century Vision for Better Infrastructure.

Growing Dependence on Subsidies

In two maps today, the New York Times illustrates the growing dependence of Americans on federal government subsidies or welfare.

Opportunity Zones Fuel Corruption

The federal government dispenses unequal treatment to Americans through subsidies, regulations, and narrow tax breaks.

Federalism Should Not Be Favoritism

Instead of federal favoritism for some areas over others, policymakers should concentrate on making the whole nation an opportunity zone.

Tax Reform 2.0 and Savings

In the wake of their successful Tax Cuts and Jobs Act last year, Republicans are now considering Tax Reform 2.0.

Multi-Billion Dollar Boondoggle at DOE

The federal government spends an unreal amount of taxpayer money cleaning up nuclear weapons sites.


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